what happens in counselling & psychotherapy sessions?

getting started
A first meeting allows you to tell me about what is concerning you, ask any questions you may have, and get some impression of me. I may ask you to focus on here and now feelings and sensations, and also to explore past experiences. You will probably sense quickly if I’m the right therapist for you.

moving through
If you wish to go ahead I recommend an initial 6 sessions, one a week, with a review at the end of the 6th session. You may then decide longer term work could be useful. Focusing on a particular current difficulty takes a shorter period of time in counselling. Exploring underlying issues and unresolved conflicts, what’s sometimes called unfinished business, takes longer psychotherapy.

The length of time in counselling or psychotherapy varies. People choose what they need at that point, perhaps making different choices at other stages of life. They often return to work with the same therapist, perhaps years later, or try with someone else. The decision to end rests with you, the client; we would then work towards an agreed ending date, with a review to finish the work.

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