what is counselling & psychotherapy?

Mostly, counselling & psychotherapy sessions are spent talking about your concerns, giving a place to your emotions and allowing your inner conflicts to be seen. You may feel unable to face each day, or are affected by past experiences. It can seem daunting to speak to a stranger about the difficulties you are facing. As you tell your story, and as we build trust together, you will begin to get a better sense of where the difficulties lie, and of the inner work needed in order to release your energies. This process draws on your daily experiences, memories, body sensing & imagination, as well as dreams.

Who we are and how we live is shaped by many factors:

  • current relationships
  • early experiences
  • social worlds
  • identity
  • culture
  • beliefs about the big picture
  • beliefs about ourself and the people around us.

Counselling & psychotherapy is an opportunity to reflect on and explore all these dimensions. It can help you move towards a deeper understanding and acceptance of where you have come from and who you are now- and also towards an expanded sense of who you may be as you move into the future.

In addition to our conversations, I might suggest specific techniques to support the therapeutic process, including sensing what is happening in your body, imagining, drawing, writing, moving & visualising to deepen your experience of yourself and also to get a sense of what lies beneath your conscious motivations. What happens between us is also part of the exploration, as it can shed light on other relationships & experiences, both past and present.

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