about me

my qualifications
I am a psychotherapist & supervisor, accredited by the UKCP* and working within its ethical framework. My counselling diploma was awarded by the Minster Centre in 2005, followed by a psychotherapy diploma from Re-Vision in 2008 as well as a supervision diploma in 2015, building on a certificate in supervision in 2010.

C232D417-C691-434E-944B-DCFE77D81563My further training includes ‘The Essentials of Sexual Minority Therapy’ with Pink Therapy in 2010, which is an accredited training organisation with The National Council of Psychotherapists.

I was recognised as a UKCP Adolescent Psychotherapist in 2015, based on my work with young people aged 11+ since 2001.

I have been apprenticing to grief in a conscious way since 2021. While there’s no formal certification for this aspect of my development, my explorations of holding space for grief in community have impacted how I work with all aspects of being human in these times.

my background
My life experience has been about living within and between different cultures, different worlds, that don’t always meet. I welcome diversity of every kind and appreciate both the richness and the challenges it brings.

I have been working with individuals in crisis since 1995 and facilitating therapeutic groups since 2002. I have had a private practice in West Norwood since 2005.

As well as being a practitioner, I managed a school counselling service for over a decade. It became an integral part of the school community, used by students, staff & parents.

My work experience includes many years in education and training, initially as a teacher. I speak both English and Arabic, and can work with you in either language.

*United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

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